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We share our interests in the Ancient Cultures Origins and New Thought Teaching of our future and our past. We share our professional colleagues in our ACO professional trade organization that is membership driven.

We educate and communicate information which deals with unidentified flying objects and the secret space in the cosmos. We share the Cosmos Expo as an annual gathering.

We share professionals who are authors, researchers, historians, archivists, ufologists, phenomenologists, paranormalists, parapsychologists, archivists, supporters, volunteers in our quest for the truth. We share the disclosure project. We share in the truth movement. We share in the Alien Contact Organization.

We know who our friends are and share our ACO directory

of professionals who are making the world a better place. Our UFO Secret Space Journal is shared among our colleagues as a peer review journal.


Meet the Team

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Theresa J Morris

Founder & CEO


Theresa J Morris (R)
Dr. Alex Sasha Lessin, 
Janet Kira Lessin

Dr. Alex Lessin, TJ Morris, Janet Lessin


Dr. Lessin, TJ Morris, and Janet Lessin began working together on this project June 3, 2012. Met in person May 6, 2017.



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Dr. Lessin, TJ Morris, Lewis Rhinehart - MARS  CON 2017

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